In Home Cooking Classes

Have you thought of hosting your own cooking event?

This is the perfect way to have a hands-on experience in your own kitchen, with your friends and family. The sourdough, and most of the cheese classes are hands-on for everyone. 

Depending on the space, and the cooking facilities, the other classes (such as curries), may be a mixture of hands-on and some demonstration. Remember, that your lovely food will be there for everyone to enjoy after the class.

You host the event, and I will bring all the necessary equipment, and ingredients. I will also bring some sourdough bread and homemade cheeses for you and your friends to enjoy. You will need to provide any other catering you require e.g. tea/coffee/ other afternoon tea.

Book now and create an amazing night that you and your friends or family will remember forever. I have lots of exciting options available to choose from.

Happy cooking – Christine

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Image of Pizzas and Focaccias

Learn how to make delicious, fresh pizza at home! In this fun, hands-on workshop. I will teach you how easy it is to make your own pizzas at home!  You will learn to prepare the dough and have it ready for when you feel like pizza!  We will cover pizza sauces, including homemade, and types of toppings.  And you will have ready-made, fresh pizzas for a meal afterwards!

 (min 6 people)

This fun hands-on party will create a tasty curry, inspired by seasonal and local produce.  Together, we will make a curry from scratch, and learn to make naan bread to enjoy with your meal.  I will also bring rice and homemade raita to share.  Hosting this party will teach you new skills, as well as provide a delicious dinner/lunch for your guests.

 (min 6 people)

image of mozzarella

This class will demonstrate how easy it is to make your own gourmet cheeses at home!  We will make a batch of mozzarella and ricotta, and each participant will receive a Green Living Australia cheesemaking kit (RRP $47) to take home, so they can get straight into their own cheesemaking.  Plan to make some pizzas or pasta for dinner after this workshop, or double up with a pizza making workshop and put that mozzarella to use straight away!

 (min 6 people)

photo of home cooking

We can’t go overseas right now, so why not enjoy your favourite Bali meal at home?!  I have teamed up with Desak from Bali in a Jar, to teach some Balinese favourites at home.  Choose 2 dishes from Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Spring rolls with peanut sauce, or Balinese curry with nasi kuning (yellow rice).  I will come to your home, teach you and your friends to make these authentic dishes, and then you can enjoy them with a beer or cocktail afterwards.

 (min 6 people)


Mugs or bowls, chunky or smooth- who doesn’t love a hot, soul warming soup in winter?? They are easy, delicious, filling and hearty!  They also freeze really well, so they can be made in advance to reduce your time in the kitchen.  They are packed full of nutrients, so they really are a winter superfood!

In this class we will make 2 different varieties of soup and discuss tips and techniques for getting a great soup every time.  Choose from minestrone, chicken and sweetcorn, spiced pumpkin, tomato and lentil, beef and vegetable, lamb/tomato and pearl barley, and pea and ham.  I will provide a loaf of freshly baked sourdough bread to complete the meal for you and your guests.

 (min 6 people)

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