Host your own cooking class

Have you thought of hosting your own cooking event?? This is the perfect way to have a hands-on experience in your own kitchen, with your friends and family.  The sourdough, and most cheese classes are hands-on for everyone.  Depending on space, and cooking facilities, other classes (such as curries), may need to be a mixture of hands-on and demonstration.  Remember, that your lovely food will be there for everyone to enjoy after the class.

You host the event, and I will bring all the necessary equipment, and ingredients. I will also bring some sourdough bread and homemade cheeses for you and your friends to enjoy.  You will need to  provide any other catering you require e.g. tea/coffee/ other afternoon tea.

You can choose from:

Cheesemaking classes- mozzarella, halloumi and ricotta, feta and soft curd cheese. Prices vary- please contact me for a quote.

Sourdough bread class-$70 pp..

Other cooking classes include curries, pies, quiches and tarts, homemade relishes.  Prices from $30 pp not including ingredients

Packages for cheese classes can include just the price for the class and ingredients on the day, or add on a materials starter pack so your participants can go home and recreate the cheeses they made.


Minimum 6 people per event- Maximum 10.

PLEASE NOTE: COVID 19 RESTRICTIONS- Your safety is most important. Max 20 people per household at one time (including children)- social distancing 1.5m must be maintained for people not living in the same household. Please cancel if you, or anyone that lives in the house, is unwell. Please ask your guests to cancel if they are unwell.  Handwashing and sanitiser must be used between touching food and utensils.